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Design Center
The Classroom Experience


Design Center
North side basement of Milton Hall
Phone: (505) 646-1096
Contact: Dr. Jennifer Sheppard (

The overarching goal of the Design Center is to offer multimedia technologies, development resources and instructional support for English Department graduate students interested in creating multimodal texts for varied audiences. Through coursework and student-run consultancy projects, it immerses learners in authentic communicative, expressive, and creative activities by providing an environment that combines direct instruction and theoretical inquiry with practice-based approaches. It affords opportunities for production and research collaboration across disciplinary, university, community, and industry boundaries.  Through this outreach, students work on projects that provide situations for learning to respond in creative and rhetorically sophisticated ways to the dynamic needs and interests of variable contexts and audiences.  

Though limited in the number of students it can serve at one time, the Design Center is particularly well equipped to support graduate courses in publication management, document design, multimedia production and editing, digital video composing, interactive multimedia development, and web-based communication.  It also has potential for courses in literacy and rhetoric through incorporating digital media as a means of conducting research (e.g., qualitative, community-based inquiry, work on the usability of texts, etc.).  Additionally, the Center provides a space for courses in creative writing and literature that integrate digital text production and analysis. And finally, the Center may be used by English Department faculty for courses tied to the Creative Media Institute and relating directly to the production of digital media for communicative purposes.

What's Available?

The Design Center uses Power Macs and iMacs to run a number of applications for graphic design, page layout, web/HTML editing, web animation and interactive multimedia, video editing, and audio editing. A scanner and inkjet and laser printing are also available. For more information on available software and hardware, please click here.


Design Center Volunteer Consultants
If you are interested in learning more about gaining access to the Design Center through the volunteer consultancy program, click here.

To access the training and resource manual for information about the software and equipment in the Design Center, click here.

Client-Based Consultancy Projects
Are you a non-profit organization or small technical company that could use some new, low-cost communication materials? In conjunction with courses in our graduate programs in Rhetoric, Technical, and Professional Communication, the Design Center works with clients on a consultancy basis to develop a variety of materials. This includes print and online materials, as well as video and DVD. Clients are expected to work with students to appropriately shape these materials for the intended audience and purpose. For more information, please contact Dr. Jennifer Sheppard at (505) 646-2341 or