Program Requirements

Graduate Assistantships | Course Work | Second Language | Thesis | Examinations

Graduate Assistanships

All new Graduate Assistants are required to attend a weeklong teaching orientation that begins the week before classes start. In addition, all new Graduate Assistants are required to enroll in English 571: Composition Pedagogy and Practicum during their first semester as assistants.

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Course Work (54 Semester Hours)

  1. 12 hours of workshop courses in the major genre (poetry, fiction).
  2. 3 hours of workshop in a second genre.
  3. 6 hours of form and technique courses in the major genre.
  4. 12 hours of literature courses in the Department of English.
  5. 6 hours of English 599, required thesis work.
  6. 6-12 hours of Master Workshop in the major genre. The Master Workshop, which will be offered once a year to MFA students, must be taken in the fifth semester of the program. Faculty and students examine the full-length book projects of each student in the Master Workshop.
  7. 3-12 hours of elective courses. Graduate assistants must take 3 hours of English 571, Composition Pedagogy and Practicum, during their first semester as assistants.

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Second Language proficiency must be demonstrated by one of the following (this will no longer be required for students entering the program in Fall 2013 or later):

  1. achieving a minimum score of 62 for French, 63 for German, or 66 for Spanish on the CLEP foreign language exam (College Level Examination Program)
  2. successfully completing one hour of 449 in a chosen language through the Department of Languages and Linguistics
  3. completing an upper-division literature course in a chosen language with a grade of at least a B (typically, as an undergraduate student)
  4. completing the final course of a four-semester sequence of one language with a grade of at least a B (typically, as an undergraduate student)
  5. petitioning the Graduate Studies Committee. Students who have current multilingual skills that can be verified by credentials other than the ETS score or the course described above may petition the Graduate Studies Committee to certify their second language proficiency. Normally this petition will be submitted before the end of the student's second semester in the M.F.A. program. The petition, a memorandum with supporting evidence, should be submitted through the student's adviser to the Graduate Studies Committee.  

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Thesis: Each creative writing student will:

  1. submit a creative writing thesis (a collection of poems or stories, a novel) to the examining committee. The thesis will include an introductory essay in which the writer discusses her/his evolution as an artist and the evolution of the work. The committee consists of the thesis director, one other member of the graduate English faculty, and one member of the graduate faculty from outside the department.
  2. give a public reading on campus from the thesis.

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MFA students must take an oral exam based on the thesis and coursework.

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