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New Mexico State University

Writers in the Schools (WITS)

David Bachmann

Student Fiction


Amy Ash’s Seventh Grade Class

Vista Middle School

WITS MFA Graduate Student:

Skye Anicca



The Dinosaur Family

By Crystal Ortiz

            Once upon a time there was a big ugly scary castle. There were two dinosaurs. They were a couple. Also two small ones, a grandpa, a grandma, and finally a sister. She was outside the castle hanging out with a friend. The mom dinosaur was going to have a baby. They were having a snack. She screamed the baby is coming. They called the doctor. There were no doctors around so they called a human. Sister dinosaur and her friend went to call a human from the city. He was so scared but they forced him because he was a doctor. When the baby came out he blew fire at the doctor. He burned all of his hair. Everybody was laughing. Even the doctor was laughing. I guess he felt comfortable. He became their friend. He was part of the family. In the future he decided to live with them, so he took his wife, three daughters and two sons. They lived so happy with more family.


Minimum Wage

By Anthony Zapien

            “Honey, I’m home,” is what Juan the father of a beautiful 7 year old girl says when he gets home from his hard labor minimum wage job in the fields. But he is happy because his wife and daughter are safe. He sits down in the only chair they own in their little tent. He takes a big whiff of air and smells cookies and coffee and immediately felt warm. His daughter runs up to him and gives him a big hug then runs across the room and grabs him some cookies then runs back and gives them to him. He eats them with delight. Although his family is safe he is scared because he once had a good paying job and a nice house in the city but then he got fired because they hired a foreign girl from America.

            He gets up to stretch his legs and looks outside to the 28 degree weather and chills run up his spine. Although he is young, well sort of, only 46, but he looks as though he is 60 or even 70. But every day he gets up and goes to work afraid that the government will take away his last thing, his tent. The he sits back down and grabs a cup of coffee. His daughter sits on his lap and falls asleep and his wife gives him a kiss on the cheek and they both enjoy cookies and coffee.


Surgery Gone Wrong

By Brianna Kirkley

One day Bob had to go to the doctor to have surgery on his right arm. Before they started he had a horrible asthma attack. The doctors still went ahead and did the surgery. While they did the surgery they gave him medication he was allergic to. All of a sudden Dandy saw a red and white truck. It was ambulance truck. She saw the doctors putting her husband in the truck. Dandy and her son Jack rushed across the street to the hospital. The doctors told the wife and son that Bob might not make it. You just saw tears rush down their cheeks. They went and saw him and he was hooked up to all kinds of machines and was blue. While at the hospital they put Bob in I.C.U because they needed to really watch him. They had Bob in I.C.U for four days.

            Two years later Bob is still having trouble with his right shoulder. Since his arm is still hurt he can’t work. Bob isn’t really happy about not being able to work because he can’t support his family.


The Sad Endless Love

By Chelsea Buldain

            The feelings were shot down after going out for almost two months. She wanted to make herself believe she didn’t like or want to be with him, but in reality she did like and want him. But it was already too late. She cared too much about what people thought and her words flew out of her mouth like water flying down a waterfall before she could change her mind.

Unable to look up at him, she stared at the ground, biting her bottom lip, and then continued to give him the reasons why. Then finally looking up closer saw that his eyes were red and puffy and a tear fell down his cheek. She could feel the emotions flying like fireworks out of control. He didn’t want to and her heart ached so bad as if it were really broken in half. Then it felt heavy as a brick and it seemed as if it had fallen to the pit of her stomach. The heaviness made her lose her breath, like if something was chucked into it. Then she could feel the water coming to her eyes and then she felt the wetness coming down her cheek. She quickly wiped her eyes and once again looked at the sobbing boy. Turning away he wiped his eyes and looked back at her. Their eyes met and both could see sadness in one another’s eyes. With a final hug and goodbye, they both turned and went their separate ways. Never losing their feelings for each other, the sadness will always stay, until soon it will become numb.


The Dog Who Found A Bone

By Adrian Garcia

One day a dog named Hercules was digging on the seashore in California. Then all of a sudden he saw where another dog had dug. But he never knew this dog that had dug this bone. Then he went over and started to dig. Next when he had dug the hole he found a big juicy bone. But just when he was about to grab it he heard a noise. So right away he looked over the green grass on the hill. Right when he looked over he saw a shadow but it was just a tree branch. After he got back from looking to see what had made that noise he went back and got the bone and took off running and stopped when he got to his little dog house not too far from there. All of a sudden there’s another dog in the house and tries to take the bone away from him, but the other dog doesn’t want to so he runs outside, bites on the bone and eats it. After he was done eating the bone the other dog looked at him straight in the eye and just walks back in his house mad because the dog ate the whole bone.


Panic at the Disco

By Paul Benevidez

            It was panic at the disco when the disco ball fell. It was terrifying that the second after the ball fell, the Phantom of the Opera music was playing. I ran to my friends trying to get out of the gym. I tapped my friend’s shoulder and when he turned around it was the Phantom of the Opera. I was about to pee my pants. I ran as far as I could, hoping to find a way out and on the other hand trying to find my friends. I had finally got outside. I saw him running towards me with his mask off. His face was disgusting. He was running almost right to me then he jumped, almost hitting me, I turned around and faced him again. He took a jump right at me. I was stunned. Three feet. Two feet. One foot. He is about to—beep, beep beep.

            “Paul, wake up. It’s 8:20,” shouted his mother.



By Zachary Brennan

            There once was a boy that couldn’t play basketball worth crap. If his life depended on it he would be dead already. His name was Xander. Xander got turned down tryout after tryout. One night Xander was trying to catch a pixie in his room. Then Xander fell asleep and the pixie did something. The next morning Xander woke up and his face was covered in this pink and baby blue dust. He told his mom and sister at breakfast. Xander followed his normal summer routine: eat breakfast, get dressed and practice basketball. While he was playing his sister said that the dust was pixie dust. Xander didn’t believe her. But later he found out that it was true.

The next morning Xander went straight out to practice. He tried to shoot a 3- pointer and made it. All of a sudden he became good at playing basketball. Luckily try-outs for basketball were tomorrow.

            Today Xander came home with a smile on his face. He had just made Hilton High’s A team. His mome and sister couldn’t believe it. Xander isn’t sure about playing because he also made all city band. Xander is going to choose basketball.



By Eddie Lopez

            Born into a world filled with prejudice are children who possess extraordinary and dangerous powers—the result of unique genetic mutations. Raven Darkholme was a victim of prejudice when she was born. Her family tried to kill her. Raven is a skilled martial arts fighter; her power is shape-shifting, liquid skin that can morph into any human or mutant she chooses to become. Raven’s appearance is odd from a human; her sin color is blue; she has scales all over her body; her hair color is red and long but it’s gelled back. Raven lived by herself when she was five years old. Over the years Raven developed her power and learned how to control it.            

Raven met a mutant who also had a hatred for mutants. His name was Eric Lenser. Eric went by the name Magneto. He believes humans and mutants can never co-exist. Soon he will unveil his sinister plan for the future. Magneto renamed Raven; from now on her name will be Mystique. Together they created an organization of evil mutants. It was called the Brotherhood. Magneto recruited two evil mutants, Sabertooth and Toad. Together they thought of their most diabolical plan ever, to mutate the world leaders. Everything went according to plan, except they needed a mutant who can absorb the life force of anyone he/she touches.

They found her. Her name was Rogue. Sabertooth and Toad kidnapped her. But their greatest enemy tried to stop them. They were the X-men, mutants who protect those who hate and fear them. Magneto knew that his old friend Charles Xavier would try to find her, because Charles was telekinetic and used a machine to find any person on the planet. Magneto sent Mystique to pose as him to poison the machine that would make him sick. Jean Gray, another mutant with telekinetic powers, took out the poison of the machine and used it to try to find Rogue. The machine nearly killed her, but she knows where she is.



By Anonymous

            A couple of guys named Jeremy, Seth and Majo went to a party. They said there were a couple of HOT girls and their names were Briana, Gabi and Aubrey. They wanted to ask them to the dance, but of course they were chicken. Of course it seems as if every boy were chicken. Well, it seems the girls (Aubrey, Gabi and Bri), liked the boys (Seth, Jeremy and Majo), but especially Seth. Boy, was he dreamy.


Summer Madness

By Audrian Dasilva

            The hot thick air closing in on her; the sun tearing at her skin. So humid. She could barely breath. The tall girl with the dark brown hair suddenly stops and hesitates. She has spotted a nice shady spot under a green overgrown tree.

            “Hurry,” she mouthed. “Get to the tree. Get to the tree.”

            Just as she reached the shady, cool paradise, her tight face loosened. She began to feel relaxed.

            “No, I want to go to Space Mountain before the park closes! LET’S GO!”

            You could tell the feeling of relaxation quickly left her face, as a family of 4 came hurdling up, sucking the girl back into the group. Together they pushed through the crowd of impatient tourists. In a blink of an eye the family was gone.


Ruffled Waves

By Briana Lopez

            Eighteen years have come and gone of Nightmare’s and Fiona’s friendship as they play in the ocean’s ruffled waves. The salty blue water and the silk run through their feet back and forth like a rocking chair. As the wind runs through the long, silky hair she walks ashore wishing to stay with each other on the earth forever. But Fiona’s getting sicker and sicker everyday. Her cancer is getting stronger and she is getting weaker. She can no longer do anything for herself.

            One night she heard a call from Nightmare. She finally had enough strength to run to the him. She lays down next to Nightmare. “I love you,” she whispered weakly. Nightmare cries out, then they fall down, never to wake up again.

            As they watch themselves from above, the ocean’s waves cover them like a blanket.


The Misty Beach Mansion

By David Rivera

    On the dark, demented misty beach there lies an enormous mansion. Many people say a mysterious figure lives inside. No one has ever been brave enough to go inside until today. Tim and John never believed the rumors. So they want to prove to the world it’s all fake. But when they go inside they start to believe it’s all true.

Beep, beep, beeeeeep. Today was the day that my best friend John died. No one knows what happened except me and John. I guess I could tell you the story but you wouldn’t believe me anyway. It all started on October 31, 1992. It started out like any other day. But when we got to school everything seemed different. Everybody was telling the story of The Misty Beach Mansion. John and I never believed in stories like that.

Later that evening I met up with John in front of the mansion. All the kids from school were there waiting for us. They didn’t say anything all they did was watch.

As me and John walked up the creepy stairs John started to twitch. When we finally reached the doors we noticed a sign that said, “Enter at Your Own Risk.”

I pushed the tall, moldy door open. When we walked inside the door slammed behind us. We walked quietly down the long, dark hallway. There were spider webs all over the purplish black walls.

“Did you hear that?” John said.

“It sounds like footsteps. Let’s just go upstairs.”

When we got upstairs we decided to go into a room. The door had a strange symbol on it. When we walked inside I couldn’t believe what I saw. There were candles lit in a circle and a book in the middle. I grabbed the book and ran out of the room.

We decided to go in two more rooms. John picked one with a red door. Then we heard the footsteps again. We shoved ourselves into the room. We were in the bathroom. The mirror was shattered and there was blood on the floor. We looked around the room to make sure no one else was there. Then we locked the door so we could get a closer look at the book. On the cover it said, “100 ways to eat humans.” We threw the book and ran. When we walked downstairs I saw a window with a black sun on the outside.

“Uhh, Tim if you are over there then who’s behind me?”

I looked above John and saw a figure. The figure in the story. His face was torn up, his clothes were ripped and his teeth were shaped like a vampire.

“Who are you?” he said in a deep mysterious voice.

“Um, Um, we got lost.” John said in a terrified voice.

“Do you know what I do to people who come in my house? I throw them out into the world of the black sun. In that world you are slaves for evil creatures, then they kill you.”

“We’re really sorry, we won’t do it again,” John cries out.

“Fine, then I’ll just have to eat you!”

The mysterious man pulls out a knife it was pure gold at one end and really sharp at the other. The mysterious figure started to chant one of his evil spells. Then all of a sudden John falls to the floor. I ran up to him. He was still breathing but barely. He started chanting again and this time the walls started to ooze blood. The floors started to glow. The figure started to rise into the air.

He said, “Tonight when you go into your room to go to sleep, I’ll be waiting.”

I grabbed John and pulled him out. The blood kept rising. I picked him up and put him on my shoulders. The figure kept getting closer. I kicked the door open and jumped out. The figure backed away covering his eyes.

“Help, help. Somebody call an ambulance.”

When they got there John said, “Tim, Why?”

Then they closed the door and drove off.

I ran as fast as I could to the hospital. When I got there I ran to John’s room but it was already too late.

Beep, beep, beeeeeep. Today was the day that my best friend John died. Now onw knows what happened to him except me. When I got home I went to my room to go to sleep. I opened the door and the light was off. I saw red eyes staring at me.

Then they said, “I’ve been waiting for you Tim!”

“Help!” I screamed, but no one was there!




Ardith Peterson’s Seventh Grade Class - Sixth Period Composition and Literature

Vista Middle School.

WITS MFA Graduate Student: Michaela Spaminato



Worst Day!

By Alex Armijo

You just dropped in the biggest season of your life.  You know you have to throw your 360° McTwist.  You set up with double kickflip indies over the roll in gap.  You think you have enough air.  You throw the 360° McTwist.  You miss the flip with the board.  You’re upside down, falling head first to the copping.  You try to flip over, but it doesn’t work.  Bam!  You hit the copping and break your neck.



Multiple Personalities

by Joseph Lopez

One thing I noticed about my family is that they never act the same around guests.  Everybody in my family has different personalities.

My sister’s personality is as if sticking your own hand in a fire and watching it slowly burn.  If her personality matched her smell, she would smell like a rotting egg sandwich thrown in a closet that smells like gym socks and sweaty sneakers.

My mother’s personality is like the smell of delicious pancakes freshly made in the morning.  But don’t get her angry because at a time like that she would be a bad person to be with.

My father’s personality is like turning a mysterious dark corner in an unknown place.  He is like eating a new, disgusting-looking food, you don’t know how it’s gonna taste.

My whole family is like a stadium full of loud people yelling with no care in the world.



Super Skating Ninja

By Ruben Moralez

Episode 1

One day I started down to the subway to get and Italian BMT with ranch and extra avocado for only $2.49 since it was the daily special at all participating Subway restaurants when I saw a hobo sitting in front freaking out.  So I got my sandwich for only $2.49 and chips and sat outside and watched him screaming at himself not even noticing me.  He started walking back and forth screaming then my board slipped from the table, went under the pissed off hobo and made him fall back all sick-like.  He hit his head hard, the grabbed me by the shirt and said, “Once you kill a ninja you must take on the ninja ways.” Then he told me to go to then passed out.  So I was like, “Whoa.”  The hobo died.  And that’s the day the Super Skating Ninja was made.

Episode 2

I went home that day remembering the wisdom that hobo had passed on to me, go to, so I took it upon myself to avenge the hobo’s death.  I got on the computer to study the ninja way.  I spent countless hours meditating and homing my ninja skills.  Soon I was able to do the splits all sick-like and do back flips and run up walls.  Then I was able to catch arrows in mid-flight.  For awhile all I did was make money showing off, but one day I changed … but that is for another time.



It’s in White and Black

by Lauren Oglesby

It’s the 1940’s and everything is separated, even the people.  My name’s Jo, short for Jenna Janna.  I’m one of the “colored” people.  Well, that’s what “they” call me.  I never thought that people would care about what your skin color is, but “they”, the white people, do.

I’m a maid to Thomas Johnson’s house.  He isn’t mean to me, but to the men he does everything torturous to them.  When I go into public with him, people spit at me, taunt and think of me as dirt just because of my skin color.  I go to the bathroom and on the top of the door it says colored restroom.  That’s the only word I know how to read because when I was a child I went into the white people’s restroom and they beat me and didn’t give me food for a week.  They said you are a colored and spelled it out for me so that I know what that word was.  I have always been furious because the bathrooms are so dirty and don’t even have doors and if they do they are all broken.  The white people get all this fancy stuff and we get nothing.

It’s June 2 at 5:00 in the morning and I just can’t take them anymore so I am running away.  I’m at the train station right now and I’m heading to New York.  It’s a free state and a long way away from Georgia.  I can’t wait to get there.  I’m gonna leave and never come back because if I do I will get hanged.

I’m in New York and that was a long trip but it was worth it.  I’m loving it because nobody bosses me around and I’m going to school.  Right now I am learning how to read, write and do math.  My math teacher says I am doing excellent and later on I and go to work and make money for working.  I think I’m smarter than the white people and no one can judge me now.



The Messy Room

By Antonio Nunez

The messy room is as if someone just let one thousand kindergarteners run through my room.  Clothes over here.  Clothes over there.  I see clothes everywhere.  A pile of pizza boxes lie on my bed, smelling like dead cats.  But that smell wasn’t like that three weeks ago and the taste it was so good tasting the pepperoni. 



Little Red Riding Hood

By Lillian Cabrera

Once upon a time I was just minding my own business, walking through the forest to take my sick grandmother a basket of goodies that Mom made for her, then out of nowhere pops out this young scary little girl wearing a red riding hood. 

She came up to me and told me, “Hi, what is a young wolf like you doing out in the forest?” 

I told her, “Well, I’m just taking my sick grandmother some goodies and I decided to take a short cut through the forest.” 

When all of a sudden she just came up to me and tried to take my basket of goodies away from me!  So, you see, the little girl tried to scare me but …. I ran away and went to grandma’s house, when all of a sudden Little Red Riding Hood answered the door and said she ate my grandma so I got the ax that the woodcutter left on my grandma’s porch and cut open her stomach and got my grandmother out, so … When that Little Red Riding Hood gets out of the hospital you know I told you the real story.



Bad Day

By Mikey Romero

You wake up one morning and you’re already late.  After you take off to work you get caught in traffic.  You’re a doctor and some really sick girl comes in and she does not have her mom, but her friend’s mom with her.  So you cannot help her without a parent’s permission so you say, “I’m sorry.”  The girl spits on you. 

Then after a day or so that girl got you sick.  So now you’re coughing and hacking your brains out taking nasty meds.   The hospital keeps calling you saying, “We need help,” and all you want is to be left alone.  And all you can think is that stupid little girl. 

The neighbor kids are throwing stuff at your window and you call the cops.  Then when those kids are gone and you still feel sick the dog starts to bark and you say, “Shut up!” 

It was just a bad couple of weeks.



The Worst Day of a Pro-Golfer

by Emily Schwalm

You wake up drenched un a cold sweat as you look at the clock the words zoom through your head, “Oh my gosh, I’ve missed my tee time!”

            When you arrive at the women’s tee, it is the bittersweet moment, just like the grapefruit you shoved down your throat for breakfast.  The rules official allows you to play, with the penalty of five strokes.  Five strokes is the difference between winning and losing.

            You make it through the first hole okay, but there is always more to come.  You tell your caddie to grab your 56 wedge from your bag.  As you wait for the cold club to form to your hands, all you hear is …  Uh, your club is not here.  Someone has stolen your club.

Since your club is missing in action, you must make use of a lower loft in club, you 51.  Still expecting to hit with your other club you swing back, through and you blade it.  As you watch your Titalist ball roll off the green you feel yourself shrink to one of the dimples of your golf ball.



Toño’s Story

by Jose Botello

Thirteen years ago a child was born named Toño.  How would anyone know that this child would save a life some day?  Five years later he was excited that he was going to the park for the first time on his bike.  The only problem with this kid was that everyone thought he was useless because every time he stood up in his chair he would fall and smack himself against the wall.  One day he passed down the street and didn’t notice the telephone pole in front of him and he ran into it without knowing what he was doing.  All of a sudden a sound like a wail was heard. 

Four years later he met someone named Julian.  One day Julian called Toño.  “Hey, Toño,” Julian said.  “Come to my house.” 

That day would change his life forever.  He actually saw his friend Julian fighting with a gangster.  Julian got stabbed in the stomach.  Toño called the ambulance and thanks to Toño he saved a life and a family.  Everyone says, “That’s Jose Antonio.  He goes by Toño.”




By Mario Medrano

There was a time when there was once a guy named Mario and he always worked in construction.  One day Mario was walking to his work when he saw a video game company.  So he went in and they gave him a job.  Then he made a game called Super Mario and every kid in the world liked it.  That’s the unknown story of why the Super Mario game is important.




By Mariaelena Hernandez

Mariaelena was a girl who never really liked her name.  Everyone in school never pronounced it right.  In school all of Mariaelena’s teachers would always be calling roll and having to pause in order for them to get it right.  Or they would always pronounce it wrong.




By Javier Baca

One day there was a kid name Javier who was born in 1993, on August 20.  His name was Javier like his uncle.  His uncle went and visited him a lot.  The kid really liked his name a lot, just as much as he loved his uncle.  One day his cousin was like two years older.  That day they were playing around and they started to fight.  His cousin named Hector won, but he was older.  His uncle Javier came and took his son back home and they all remained friends.




By Victoria Francis

One day a little girl was born.  As her mother and father held her in their arms, her mother thought of Victoria to be her name.  Since Victoria’s mother picked the name, her father got to pick how her nickname was spelled.  Victoria Clarice Francis was her whole name.  Vicki for short. 

As Vicki grew up in the city she began to think about the country.  Vicki wanted to start taking horseback riding, but she could not think of anyone she knew who lived out in the country.  Then it dawned on her that she had a friend who took horse lessons.  She called her up and got the information down about this lady.  They all went to her house to introduce themselves. 

Vicki started to think all of a sudden about her name.  “Why did my parents name me Victoria?”  She thought that anyone named Victoria might like Arabian horses.  But she didn’t know.  She was stubborn.  Maybe because she liked Arabians and so she thought that everyone with the name Victoria would like them too.




By Rubi Delgado

One night there was a girl that found out she was pregnant.  When she told that guy he left one night and he never came back.  She told her mom, who was named Rubi, and she didn’t turn her back on her.

When the girl was six months pregnant, she couldn’t find her mom.  She received a call from the police.  They told her that her mom died from a heart attack.  The girl was crying and crying.  One day she was in her mom’s funeral and she saw the baby’s father.  The guy ran to her and told her what had happened to him.  She forgave him.  After some time, she was eight and a half months pregnant.

Well, the girl didn’t know she was going to have twins.  She named one of them Rubi like her mom and Esmeralda like her grandmother.




By Berna Serna

My names means … Well, frankly I have not the slightest idea of what my name means.  That’s only my first name.  My middle name is Belen, short for Bethlehem, as in the place where Jesus was born.  Well, even though I don’t adore the name it is still special to me because that was my grandmother’s name.  My last name, well, I’m just happy to have it.  I don’t know what it means but it always reminds me that I have a family who loves and cares for me.




By Maria Quintana

Once there was this girl named Maria.  She lived in a land called Bananaville.  She lived in a jungle with dragons and monkeys.  Everybody loved the jungle very much.  One day when she was walking through she saw that one of the dragons had a cold and sneezed all the time.  She felt sorry for the dragon so she went to go see it.  But then the dragon sneezed and caught the whole jungle on fire.  Maria ran home and went to call people to help her stop the fire, but it was too late.  The whole jungle burned and all the animals ran away. 

She went home and cried for days.  She cried day and night.  One day when she was at home she saw a unicorn.  The unicorn gave her one wish.  She knew exactly what she wanted.  She wished for the jungle to be back and all the animals to come back.  So the unicorn gave her exactly what she wanted.  He also gave the jungle more.  Today those animals are in the jungle still.





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