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New Mexico State University

Writers in the Schools (WITS)

David Bachmann

Student Poetry and Short Prose

Laura Nichol’s Sixth Grade Class

Vista Middle School

WITS MFA Graduate Student: Michelle Mariano



No One Cares

By: Hannah Tutor

I feel like a brown leaf

falling off the tree in the spring-

time.  The wind blows me around like I’m nobody.

No one cares.

I feel like the dead

rose petal falling from

the group that lays upon

the stem.

No one cares.

I feel like the torn-up

page in the library book.

No one cares.

I feel like the chip

off the arrowhead,

being stepped on by the

people who are looking

for it.

No one cares.

I feel like the cut off

hair to make that new style.

No one cares.

I feel like the three-legged dog

that people think of as nothing.

A stupid animal.

No one cares.




By: Nathaniel Stevens

I am depressed like canned spinach

getting cooked on a rainy day—

all wilted and wet.




By: Lesley Mayhew

I feel shy as a turtle, hiding

in a log.



The Gift

By: Lindsay Jarrett

The gift is shiny

The gift is great

The gift is glamorous

and it’s just for you.

Mom will be happy

with her brand new gifts,

all shiny, bright, and cool,

from a daughter to her mother

caring for each other.

Merry Christmas to all.




By: Diamond Garnett

I would give my mom a new Internet card

because my puppy chewed it up, and she loves

getting on the internet.

I would give my mom a present

I think she would really like.

She could talk to her friend in New York.

She could go Christmas shopping online.

Then I’ll give my puppy a present

so she won’t chew on anything ever again.

And everybody wins.

And everybody’s happy.

My mom wouldn’t yell out loud,

my dog wouldn’t have her tail down.




By: Edgar Carrasco

I saw a very big man

with two big blue eyes.  I gave

him a big blue cover so he

looked like a big blue flower.

He saw me with joy but he didn’t

want me to go.



Electric Guitar

By: Angelica Benavidez

The Electric Guitar has a mom and a dad.  His dad is a bass guitar and his mom is an acoustic guitar.  He has three friends: Pick, Amplifier, and Strings.  He likes to practice so he goes to bed at midnight and wakes up at 2a.m.  His favorite movie is School of Rock.  His favorite bands are AC/DC, Kiss, and Green Day.  Once he is done practicing and listening to his favorite bands he goes to sleep in his electric guitar case.  He is black, purple, green, and blue, because those are his favorite colors.  His enemies are violins and pianos.



By: Michael Tellez and Thomas Bustamante

His name is Chevy.  He likes to drink hot gas in the morning.  He likes to hang out with Fred the Ford.  He wakes up at six in the morning to drive to work.  Chevy watches Pimp My Ride.  His favorite place to go is Atlanta, Georgia.  He also likes to go to the drive-in with his girlfriend.  Chevy and Fred drive to Burger King to get fries, milkshakes, and hamburgers.  Then he chills with all his friends and his girlfriend.


I Remember

By: Armando Arellano and class

I remember flying to New York.

I remember the first song I sang in front of a crowd.

I remember when I did my first back flip on the ground.

I remember that I could remember.

I remember going to the zoo.

I remember I am human.

I remember running a mile.

I remember going to the Albuquerque aquarium.

I remember Erick’s mom.

I remember my first lemonade stand.

I remember me.

I remember nothing.



I Remember

By: Roger Arriga and Class

I remember when I got my first puppy.

I remember when I fell off the bed.

I remember when water came out of my nose.

I remember when I got attacked by day care kids.

I remember moving schools.

I remember seeing Audrey’s face.

I remember seeing and talking to all of my friends on the same day.

I remember seeing Audrey’s face.

I remember when I met Ryan.

I remember being hungry.

I remember when I met my friend Anna.

I remember meeting Joe.

I remember when I went to a festival.

I remember getting A’s in class.



I Remember

By: Marissa Garcia and class

I remember learning how to walk.

I remember when I went to California.

I remember my first basketball game.

I remember when we ran for touchdown practice.

I remember.

I remember getting very sick.

I remember kindergarten.

I remember getting a dog.

I remember wishing for my friends to arrive at school.

I remember chewing on my bracelet.

I remember my Xbox.

I remember learning my first song.

I remember hitting a corner of a wall.



I Remember

By: Eric Mirabal and class

I remember leasing how to ride a bike.

I remember learning how to walk.

I remember I cracked my head open.

I remember Disneyland.

I remember Disneyworld.

I remember being told, “You have diabetes.”

I remember my ear infection.

I remember my sister’s birthday.

I remember doing homework.

I remember eating breakfast.

I remember Star Wars movies.

I remember my first scare when I hit a gravel wall.


I Remember

By: Audrey Oliver and class

I remember when I needed stitches.

I remember when I first played basketball.

I remember when I got a PSP.

I remember my first cat.

I remember going to school for the first time.

I remember going to bed.

I remember flying in a plane.

I remember getting knocked out by my sister.

I remember my vitamins.




By: Courtney Madrid

My name is Courtney Madrid.  I was born in Las Cruces at MMC Hospital on November 25th, 1994.  I was an early bloomer.  I had teeth at two months and walked at eleven months.  I love to swim.  I grew up in my big three-story house.  My favorite subject in school is math and everyone calls me talk show host because I like to talk a lot. 




By: Ryan Barrio

When I was born my mom and dad thought I was a girl.  When I was four, I learned how to ride a bike.  It was hard but I got it.  When I was seven I played flag football—I was really good.  When I was eight I still played flag football but it was a different team called the Wildcats.  We were undefeated that year.  Then when I was ten and in the fifth grade I played football that was not flag.




By: Mary Jo Rosales

My full name is Mary Jo Rosales.  My cousins and I race cars.  In our neighborhood there’s about ten different racecars.  In front of my house there is a field where we race.  Whoever comes in first and second we help pay for them to go to the Southern New Mexico Speedway.  My cousin, Mike Rosales, has been the champion for three years.  My brother’s name is Joe, my mom’s name is Maria, and my sister is Teresa.



Martha Wildman’s 7th Grade Class

Lynn Middle School

WITS MFA Graduate Student: Dylan H. Retzinger


Remember Poems


By: Megan Thompson

Remember the sky we danced under.

Remember it was filled with stars.

Remember the beat that moved us.

Remember back so far.

Remember the first kiss we shared.

Remember how we looked into each others,

eyes.  The sparkle of new found love.

Remember how I turned away.  But

something held me back. Remember the

promise of hope. Remember the secrets

we shared together. Remember mine.

Remember yours. Remember our

life together. Remember the arguments

we always got over. Remember the

dreams we shared. Remember the love

that bound us together. Remember

it was not so long ago. Remember

all our sorrows.  Now I am old and

you are gone.  But I still remember.



By: Mercedes Monsivais

Remember the time when we first met,

you were so scared and lonely.

Remember the moment I took you home.

Remember how we fell in love,

the day going away so slowly.

Remember when we first kissed, the

magic sparks still going.

Remember when you broke my heart.

Remember when you left. Remember

when you came back, I forgot how

we started.  Then I remembered.

I remember how we loved.

Remembered how we cared.  Too bad

you forgot.      



By: Ashley Williams

Remember your family, your mom, your dad, your loved ones

Remember the funny, compassionate, or worst memories you have

Remember your friends, the ones who comforted you

Remember your teachers, who taught you well

Remember your life, no matter what happened

Remember who you are, and no one else

Remember you have only one life, and only one

Remember your feeling on that sorrow day

Remember your feeling on that perfect day

Remember the stars, that glow at night

Remember the moon, she lights the night

Remember the stories that you heard as a child

Remember this all




I Can Be

By: Monica Nezzer

I can be a brave soilder

I can be a scared animal

I can be a tall sky scrapper

I can be a petite rabbit

I can be a strong oak

I can be a shaky child

I can be a raning stallion

I can be a motionless cripple

I am what I can be

I can be what I am



Before You do Something Remember

By: Eric Jimmez                   

Remember the Israelite army and Moses.

Remember the ten commandments.

Remember the the thins he talked about,

things like Jesus.

Remember everyone couldn’t wait for his arrival.

Remember the day came.

Remember he talked, and everybody disobeyed.

Remember he walked the earth once

and he will walk again.

Before you do something remember.



The Tree

Tabeel Holloway

Remember when I ran over the

tree in my grandmothers car?

I remember.

Remember when I almost hit the house

but then accidentally hit gas instead of break?

But then swerved to the left?

Remember no one got mad at me

but laughed!

Remember how cool it was?

I remember.

Remember the next day I drove again

and parked right?!

I do.



I am the Dreamer of Dreams

By: Mercedes Monsivais

I am an untamed stallion running loose.

I am the unkown song of a bird.

I am the fresh morning air in the winter.



The Couch

By: Jordyn Haggard

The couch is where the world begins.

We always meet on this couch.

Gifts and surprises are brought

from here and there.  But we

always meet on the couch.

For birthdays, and Christmas and

other holidays too.  We always spend

our memories on the touch.

Here we gather to spend time together.

To stay in touch or entertain

each other.   We always spend

that time on the couch.

We have enjoyed fun times

on this couch.

This couch will bring back

memories and on of them

is this couch.


The Spear Weapon

By: Timothy Banegas

Mine is an aggressive spear;

there is a riot in it,

there is courage in it.


Mine is a guilty spear;

there is sorrow in it,

there is regret in it.

Mine is a swift spear;

there is mobility in it,

there is agility in it.       



The Rock

By: Arno Cheng

            Mine is an ancient rock;

there is age in it,

there is damage in it.

Mine is a massive rock;

there is sturdiness in it,

there is heaviness in it.


Mine is a smooth rock;

there is roundness in it,

there is a flat surfaces in it.

My life is in this rock,

my life is in this rock.




By: Cody Howard

The world starts at breakfast,

the most important meal of the day.


It gives you the boost

you need to be full till lunch.

It is the nourishment that

keeps your body going.

Without it you are a mindless

zombie in the morning.



Natalie Adam’s Seventh Grade Class – Block 1

Lynn Middle School

WITS MFA Graduate Student: Melanie D. Viramontes


By: Fernando Acosta

Humans they live alone on earth or do we? There is the Chupacabras, Big Foot, Loch ness, and Elvis. So we could say that we are alone in all but explain aliens and Elvis. Maybe we are alone or not, but what about Elvis?

USA has the freedom and the better money and the superstars and Bill Cosby. But we have enemies attacking freedom. Afghanistan they attacked the World Trade Center and that’s why we attacked Afghanistan. But Bush why did we attack Iraq?

Cars polluting the world sooner or later we are all going to live on polluted air. But the movie is cool. So, I don’t really have a problem. It is mostly the factories you monkeys.



By: Marc A. Caballero

Candy is very sweet

It makes you want to jump

It makes you really playful.

Basketball is fun to play

You shoot 3’s and have fun

You play 5 on 5

Phoenix Suns are the coolest team

Steve Nash is their best 3 point shooter

They are a very good team.

Phoenix Arizona is a very cool place

It has the Suns stadium there

My cousin lives there.

Hot is very warm

You burn up

You just want to get under the shade



By: Armando Calderon

War - thinking of people with guns

making a lot of noise and

People dead or hurt

People shooting people

Children crying

People with fear and with anger

Disaster - is hurricane disaster

Destroying houses and killing people

Leaving their trail and their mark

That’s saying that they were there and

That the hurricane made this mess.

Children crying – is when they fall or

They get hurt or get screamed at and

They cry if they see their mom leave their sight or

When they see something scary or they get lost.

Destruction – is when terrorists try to destroy us or

Destroy people’s work or

They just want to start a war and

They will kill people.

People screaming – when something happens or

When someone starts shooting someone else or




By: Mario Castaneda Jr.

Books make me think of stories

Books are imaginable

They make me think of what ever topic they are on

They make me feel like I am in another world

That’s what they make me feel

Computers make me think about the internet

They make me think of My Space

They make me think of games

They make me think of pictures

That’s what they make me think of.

Teachers make me think of nerds

They make me think of learning

They make me think of rude people

They make me think of college

That’s what they make me think of.

Mail makes me think of letters

It also makes me think of stamps

It makes me think of magazines

Mail makes me think of report cards

That’s what it makes me think of.

Home makes me think of safe

It makes me think of food

Home makes me think of family

Home makes me think of sleep

That’s what it makes me think of.



By: Derek S. Chavez

Ocean is huge, it makes me seem that I am small, huge fish live there, like clown fish, sharks, and whales. The ocean is a scary place for small fish.

Frogs are slimy and green and they jump. They eat insects, they swim all day and they croak all day and all night, they lay eggs.

Trash smells like rotten eggs. In the trash there are poop, TV’s, rotten food, clothes, and they are what makes the trash smell.

Cats are small, huge and medium and some are nice and mean. Cats are lions, cheetahs, bobcats, and some eat meat, some eat cat food.



By: Adrian P. Coca

Watermelon makes my mouth water

Watermelon is juicy and sweet

Spitting out seeds is fun

The watermelon is green on the outside, red on the inside.

Gatorade re-hydrates you so you can play better in any sport. Is better than water at certain times. Comes in many different flavors. Gatorade also tastes really good.

Ice cream is a very yummy treat during the summer time

It is very cold so it cools you down when you are hot

Comes in all kinds of flavors, more than you can imagine

Ice cream is loved all around the world.

Energy it is very important that you have a lot of energy

If you don’t have energy that means you wont be as active as other people

To have energy it is a lot of healthy food and vegetables

Meat also gives you energy because it has protein

Drink a lot of water so you can have energy.

Soap is very important to your health

Soap kills germs on your body so that you can’t get sick

If everyday you wash your hands after you eat or play you won’t get sick.



By: Marshall William Daw II

Gangs are a very bad thing. If you get in one, get out tell your parents and move. So you don’t have to watch your back all the time. If you stay and don’t tell your parents you’ll hurt your family, friends, and you mentally and physically. You’ll lose their trust and you can’t depend on someone else than your gang members.

Which leads to fighting. Fighting might be fun for you same people. For those same people it won’t be fun if your in a gang cause you fight until the other gang member knock’s out, they runaway, or die.

Dying leads to many things like, fighting and gangs. You know that both can, and are bad but if you don’t do either or them your good for now.



By: Jose Luis Esparza

Soccer reminds me of Ronaldinno. He is the best. It also reminds one of Brazil because they have magic. Almost all Brazilians are good. And of course soccer reminds me of my favorite team, F.C. Barcelona.

World Cup – The words world and cup remind me of a lot of things. It reminds me of Germany because the last World Cup was in Germany 2006 to 2010 because it is every 4 years and we barely had one this year. It reminds me of Italy because they won. Those are the things that World Cup reminds me of.

Movies remind me of a lot of stuff, comedy, horror, action, drama, and so on.

When I think of movies I think of Dumb and Dumber. That’s my favorite movie.

When I think of school I get bored, just by thinking of it. So, I imagine how boring school could be. It also reminds me of friends and teachers. That’s school for me.

When I think of a house, I think of windows and doors. I think of my room and watching TV. I think of watching my favorite soccer team play.



By: Michael S. Gonzalez

Gatorade is always my drink to drink. Even though I’m not playing a sport or exercising. I still drink Gatorade. When I’m sick, Gatorade is the drink I turn to. I drink Gatorade no matter what.

Water doesn’t work as good as Gatorade but it’s up there. I drink water only when Gatorade is not around. If I absolutely have to I’ll drink water.

Calcium – My mom always tells me to always put calcium in my body. I don’t like to do it but I have to if I want to stay healthy, calcium isn’t always in my system.

Carrots aren’t the best vegetable around but if they are there I’ll take them. My Grandma puts carrots in everything she makes (only in the salads). So like I said, I’ll eat them if they are around.

Blue is a color I could always depend on. If I’m down I just look at the color and it makes me feel better. Blue is the best color around.



By: Javier Hernandez

Water is refreshing. I like drinking water. Water is good for you, your supposed to drink at least 1 gallon a day or more. I drink a lot of water when I play sports.

Skating is fun. I skate everyday for an hour or more. Skating is good exercise for everyone. Skating also costs money for boards.

Refreshing. There are a lot of things that are refreshing, like water, cold water, showers and swimming.

Showers are nice as soon as I get in the shower. It feels good. Whether it’s a cold or hot shower. Showers keep people clean and refreshed.

Basketball is fun, cool and tiring. Basketball is also really good exercise. I play basketball here every morning.



By: Yasmmen Kseibi

Honest – It reminds me of my friend. She was really nice and honest with me.

Smart – It reminds me how people are smart by discovering a lot of things.

Doctor – It reminds me of my Doctor. He was a really nice Doctor.

Job – It’s buying energy, money, better life and a lot of time.

Money – It buys what you want and you can help people with your money.



By: Jonathan Lopez

Candy is really sweet. It is like forgetting about duties. Candy can give you cavities, which will make you go to the dentist. The dentist will leave you with no money.

Dr. Pepper is the best soda ever. If I owned the Dr. Pepper Company, my house would be full of Dr. Pepper. I will never get tired of drinking it.

Hot Cheet-os is one of the top selling junk food items. After you are done eating them, your fingers are red.

Happy is how you feel after you have done something satisfying. For example, going home and laying down and knowing you don’t have to do anything else but sleep.

Delicious is the word you use after eating something really good. Enchiladas would be a perfect fit with delicious. Or some type of food you like in general.



By: Sandra Lopez

Music - Music reminds me of my family because it runs in my family everybody either knows hot to write music, sing, or plan an instrument. One of my uncles sings at a restaurant in El Paso.

Cotton – Cotton reminds me of cotton candy and my mom because at the Fair or when we go rent movies, she is always buying it. Then she’s always saving it because she’ll finish it 3 days later.

Soccer – Soccer reminds me of my favorite team, Las Chivas. Most of my cousins like them even if they play kind of weird. I still watch them every weekend.

Pancakes – Pancakes remind me of my mom because mostly every Saturday she’ll make pancakes for breakfast. Then my little sister gives them to the cat.

Sky – Sky reminds me of the movie, Chicken Little. When he is always complaining the sky is falling and nobody believes him. So Yeah! That’s all Ch! And the color blue too.



By: Matthew Mercado

Brown leather is cool. When I think of brown leather, I think of Christmas. Because during Christmas it is really cold in Silver City so all of my family is wearing brown leather coats. And that is why when I think of brown leather, I think of my family during Christmas.

Soft brings up many memories. When I think of soft, I  think of soft warm blankets. Also when I think of soft, I think of hugging my Grandma in her white cashmere sweater. Also petting my dogs soft fur.

Sonic is the best place ever. When I think of Sonic I get really hungry and really thirsty fast. They have the best fast food there and the best drinks. They have thousands of drink combinations there and they make the best burgers. I love Sonic.

Slushies make me think of drinks that I lie. I like slushies because you can get a whole bunch of different flavors and they are cold and icy. I just really like them.

Starbucks just brings up a lot of fun times. When I think of Starbucks it makes me think of Wednesday’s and Friday’s because those are the days we go there and it just makes me think of awesome tastes that’s why I love Starbucks.



By: Jasmine L. Miranda

Live, learn, school, friends

Forever, friends

Book, writing, poem, pages

Story, scary, sad, happy, feelings

Scary – nightmares

Happy – I am not always happy. I am mostly mad, especially when the “4” say they will do something and the 4 make me do it and well I hate to be told what to do. I hate all of that, oh well everyone at home knows I have anger issues so yeah.

School – I go to Lynn it is my school. I spend it their most of the time. Most of my friends go to Lynn. Lynn is a ok school. I think Lynn is a part of my life because I spend most of my time there. So yeah, that’s why friends goes with school and school with life.

Friends – I love my friends they are pretty cool. They are sometimes rude and well yeah we get mad sometimes but we always fix it because it was not worth it. So yeah, I go to Lynn where I see most of them everyday.

Life – I really love life. Well sometimes I don’t but yeah. Well I don’t know what else I love my family and friends since I see them all almost every day of my life well yeah that is life to school family and friends.

Nightmare – Nightmares are scary. Scary to me are books and movies if it is scary I will see it or read it well yeah. I love scary stuff but I hate nightmares they seem so real.



By: Alyssa J. Rodriguez

I love Thanksgiving it is my favorite holiday. With the weather, the leaves, and the smell of the food.

The food is a great part. All the turkey, stuffing, green beans, mash potatoes, and salad.

Then after you eat you need coffee and a nap and after a nap you might watch a football game.

But the best part for me was the pumpkin and pecan pie, sitting on my Grandpa’s lap watching TV And eating pecan pie with lots of cool whip.

And the one reason why it is my favorite holiday is because I’m thankful for all my family and I spend it with them. So, is it your favorite holiday?



By: Victoria Rodriguez

Outside    fur    fat

Cats are ugly lil’ things

Cats don’t do anything

They are always sleeping

Dogs are better than cats.

Ugly is a mean word

But when it comes to cats, it’s true

If you say it to another person, you might get hit

The outdoors is so pretty. You can never get enough of the outside. There is so much to do when you are outside. You get to play, have fun, talk or just sit there and look around.

Fat is a bad word to call someone. I mean they know they are fat, don’t be mean. But cats are fat because they eat a lot. They just sleep and eat all day so how can they not be fat.



By: Suzanna N. Tjarks

Rainbows remind me of rain. They also make me happy. Rainbows are pretty and colorful that’s what makes me happy. Rainbows come after the rain and it looks peaceful.

The sun reminds me of lots of things. Like brightness, lots of orange colors and the warmness it brings to the area. I also think of the summer time because the sun is always shinning down on everyone.

Clouds make me think about the sky. Clouds are up high in the sky. They look fluffy and white. When it rains the clouds look grey. The clouds make me think of angels up in the sky. Clouds are pretty to see in the sky.

The word fluffy reminds me of stuffed animals because they are cuddly. Fluffy also reminds me of soft things because they are soft to touch. I also think of furry little animals with fluffy little tails. It reminds me about little cute things.

The word sky reminds me of the color, sky blue, because the sky is almost always blue. When the sky is blue it makes you feel happy. When the sunset or sunrise is happening it has lots of different and pretty colors.



By: Franchesca M. Torres

Basketball is my sport that’s all I play. Basketball is cool if you play hard and win games. Basketball relives things off my head. It’s a fun sport if you know how to play.

Dog – My dog, Hercules, is my favorite. I had him since he was a baby. He goes everywhere with me. Hercules likes to play basketball too. He is cool. Every time I am crying, he is always right there to be with me.

Stars – I like stars in the sky. Star means many things. One day I want to be a star WNBA Player. My friend Smokey wants to be a star too, a Rapper. My cousin is all in love with stars. Her room is all stars and her shirts too.



By: Elisa Villanueva

Camels make me think of Aladdin! And the movie, Kangaroo Jack. Since they fart, I think of Mean Girls! When I think of that, I think of drama.

Butterflies make me happy! They can fly and fly and never turn away! It makes you want to flap your wings and soar above the sun!

Obsessive girl friends make me think of Desperate Housewives! I get chills when I get jealous ‘cuz I don’t want to look or even act jealous. I believe in trust!

Georgie loves to lick stuff! So I think of ice cream sandwiches. I just love to lick the chocolate off the vanilla. He also reminds me of sleep. So I like counting sheep with him.

Guys remind me of a zoo! They are all different! Some animals (hee hee) let you hug ‘em. Some will bite unless you have some thing to offer! Guys are small, big, wide, and all different colored skins!




Heather Doolittle’s 8th Grade Class

Sierra Middle School

WITS MFA Graduate Student: Kara Dorris



Name Explorations


By Ernesto DeJesus

Ernesto has many meanings.  It could mean earnest as an old dog who is reliable.  It could also mean sincere to others.  But to my family it’s just a name that they like to express.  I feel that my name is a joke, which I like to tell.  My father named me after someone he saw on T.V.  For me I like my name, but I wish it was a little original.  Not from some guy they saw on T.T.


By: Ariana Garcia

I’ve never really liked my name.  It’s too hard to pronounce, I think but since I got stuck with it and kind of represents me.  So if you get to know me, you’ll realize I’m not the definition of my name which is “a beautiful melody” or maybe it is.  I’m many different sounds.  At home, I’m different sounds from school and with my family I’m different from friends and my boyfriend.  Many people like me and many people don’t, I have loved ones and I have enemies.  Some people may say I’m a witch while others say I’m a good person.  I think I may be both since I’m a different person with everybody.


Based on a Picture


By: Maritza Cuevas

My picture is of my grandpa.  We were in Mexico and I was the one taking the picture.  He never smiles, only when his kids come home or someone makes him.  So yeah, this picture is very special because he is my favorite grandpa.  His hair was pulled back.  He is wearing a horizontal and vertical striped shirt that is white and gray.


Simile Poems


By: Maritza Cuevas

Polka dots are like

Scoops of ice cream

A bracelet on a hand

Colors on a rainbow

Balls on a necklace

The things on my backpack

The things on my headband


Freckles on a kid’s face


By: Adrian Garcia

This dude’s raps was as whack as

Adrian. He couldn’t make it in the rap

world until one day he was walking and saw

a microphone for sale that was glowing like

it was Jesus.



By: Jason Rice

Cheese smells like a wet dog by the heater

A taco with a lot of toppings

A chimichanga that tastes so good

A Mexican restaurant

A mouse breath

A fridge full of moldy food

A cat who ate a mouse who ate cheese

A dog who ate a cat that ate a mouse that ate cheese

Cheese tastes like a grilled cheese sandwich

A thousand year old painting

A chicken fried in tomato covered flowers.



By: Jeff Elliott

I’m as lost as a dumb person in a smart guy conversation.

I’m as lost as a smart person in a dumb guy conversation.

I’m as lost as a 1st grader in a 5th grade class.

I’m as lost as a guy going into the girls’ bathroom.

I’m as lost as a college student in a kindergarten class.

I’m as lost as thinking the pizza place is a shoe store.

I’m as lost as going into the police station instead of a hospital.



By: Taylor Evrage

My Jacket is so warm,

It is as warm as hot chocolate.

As a sun coming out of the rain.

Like when you come out of the rain

And drink hot soup.

When you go snowboarding, you’ll stay warm.

Just like when you put your hand in hot water.



By: John Morgan

As bored as a kid on a rainy day

When the sky is gray.

The day passing by with bored light

With the fright that tomorrow might never come

It might last forever

As tasteless as pasta without sauce

Or as blah as hot sauce without kick

Bread with water

Like watching an educational movie

Or playing tennis on Atari

Taken From the Headlines


New Born Baby Bends Spoons with Mind

By: Edward Carrillo

“I knew the baby was going to be powerful,” says the father.  The most weirdest on the Earth.  We really don’t know what gender it is.  We will have more information on it later.  The parents said that they were watching a show called South Park and theu heard spoons falling from the table.  They looked and the baby’s head was steaming.  They go scared and noticed it has power.  We just found out it was a girl.

See Weird on page 2Z


Godzilla and the Boogyman Fight in Korea Over a Korean Girl

By: Iliana Hernadez

On February 14th Godzilla and the Boogyman started a fight in a local Korean market.  They were fighting over a Korean girl named Haena Chung.  A witness says the Boogyman had asked Haena out first and she rejected him.  Seeing this, Godzilla decided to ask out also.  She of course said yes.  The Boogyman got infuriated and started beating Godzilla with a baseball bat.  “He started to hit him with bat,” Haena tells us.  “Then he throws him onto a building.”  The Boogyman then takes out his knife and stabs him.  Unfortunately, this was a deadly blow.  The Boogyman is now in jail.



February to be Cancelled

By: Joe Ortiz

Did you know that February is soon to be cancelled by the founders of the calendar.  When they make up the calendars and what days are on it, the calendar will not come with the month of February.  The founders of the calendars quote, “The years will go by faster and you will have a shorter time to pay off loans and bills.  So it will help you to get loans and cars and other stuff paid off much faster.  



Write Your Own Nursery Rhyme

By: Sarai Cordova

The butterfly grew bigger wings

and then turned into a little prince.

The prince went to the castle

And fell in love with the princess who kissed

Him and went back into a little butterfly.

By: Edward Carrillo

Jill and John

went to the pond

to get a swim

in water.

John ran in

but couldn’t swim

and now he’s

drowning all over.

And in ran Jill

with her fish-like gills

and saves John

from his own will.


Imagery Poems


By: Alexis Diaz

Macaroni swimming pool

Couches made of jello

Sitting on my couch acting kinda mellow

My really cheesey pizza walls

And my ravioli bed

And you know what would go good with bread?

My oregano and parsely trees.

The only thing missing is my kool-aid sea.








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