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New Mexico State University

Writers in the Schools (WITS)

Michaela Spampinato

Student Poetry

Rosa Ramos’s Sixth and Eighth Grade Classes

La Academia Dolores Huerta

WITS MA Graduate Student: Santiago Lopez




Sophia Kiernan

6th Grade, Haiku


The birds are hatching

and the flowers are blooming –

Springtime you are here!




James Puentes

6th Grade, Haiku


Red leaves in autumn

white snow falling in winter

green grass in summer.




Carlos Morones

6th Grade, Haiku


One day I saw bats.

One was in the backyard

then flew in my house!




Carlos Morones

6th Grade, Haiku


Can you see the moon?

It shines so bright in the night.

I want to go there.




Carlos Morones

6th Grade, Haiku


James doesn’t hear me.

He makes me very angry.

He is my best friend.





Karen Garzón

8th Grade


Soft, cool, blue, black, grey –

dolphin colors make it say

how it feels to be

underwater leaping up

through the air toward the sky.




Karen Garzón

8th Grade


My heart seeks to speak,

express just what I feel.

These thoughts in my mind

all wonder if it’s real

and I want to leave it all behind.










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