Christopher Rosenbluth, ENGL 111 for Engineers Coordinator

photo_christopher rosenbluthBiography:

Christopher Rosenbluth was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City. He received Bachelors degrees in Magazine Journalism and Philosophy from Syracuse University in 2004. After working as a journalist in the New York metropolitan area, he earned his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from New Mexico State in 2013. His thesis, a collection of short fiction titled Talking As Men Do, was awarded the Mercedes Jacobs Book Prize. His other honors include winning the Frank Waters Fiction Fellowship and twice earning Honorable Mention; twice winning the Sutherland-McManus Award for Creative Nonfiction; and receiving the Emerson Award for Outstanding Writing. An original full-length screenplay he cowrote also won second prize in the Expose It! National Comedy Screenplay Competition. 

Academic Research Interests: 

  • narrative, in all its many forms
  • the dynamic structural potential of the sentence
  • contemporary  modern and post-modern fiction
  • the evolution of American grammars
  • cross-curricular writing
  • composition as a means to empowerment in underserved communities

Teaching Statement:

Writing, in any form, is empowering. Giving students access to the tools required to better compose allows them greater awareness, control, and ownership of complex ideas, the types of thinking that foster social progress, creative innovation, and enhanced scholarship. Through writing, students are able to explore their surroundings in new ways. This exploration allows them to realize their roles in the wider world, to approach it with confidence and wonder, to gain a truer sense of what it means to be human, connected to all things by the same forces that bind the stars. 

Courses Taught:

  • ENGL 111: Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENGL 218: Technical and Scientific Communication
  • ENGL 304: Creative Writing of Prose
  • ENGL 307: Creative Writing of Non-Fiction


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