Jean-Thomas Tremblay


  • PhD, 2018, University of Chicago

Biographical Statement

Dr. Tremblay holds a Ph.D. in English Language and Literature, with a Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies, from the University of Chicago. From 2013 to 2017 they were a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellow, and from 2016 to 2018 a Residential Fellow in the University of Chicago’s Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality.


Dr. Tremblay’s areas of research include 20th– and 21st-century North American fiction, nonfiction, poetry, film, and television; autobiography; the avant-gardes; minoritarian aesthetics; feminist, queer, and trans politics, theory, and aesthetics; embodiment; ecology and the environment; and French continental philosophy.

They are working on a book project, titled “Breathing Aesthetics: Embodiment Beyond Its Limit,” which argues that an aesthetics of breathing configures individual and collective experience from openness or vulnerability at a historical moment when the air cannot be taken for granted. The unprecedented monetization, weaponization, and pollution of the air since the 1970s have made breathing a figure and a manifestation of a crisis in the reproduction of life. “Breathing Aesthetics” spans North American literary, screen, and performance cultures, moving across scenes where breathing prompts subjects into encounters—with their nonconscious habits; with other people in situations of erotic intimacy; with structural racism, sexism, or ableism; or with a deteriorating planet. Drawing on insight from disability studies, ecocriticism, and psychoanalysis, the book resituates theories of embodiment in the interplay between individuals and milieus, in addition to conceptualizing subjectivity in the margin of political theory’s traditional foci on speech and action.

Selected Publications

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Recently taught courses

  • ENGL 116G: Perspectives on Film
  • ENGL 252: Survey of American Literature II
  • ENGL 469/569: Ecological Literature and Film


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