Michael (Alarid) Barrio

photo_michael alaridDegree in progress: Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Professional Communication

Professional experience: corporate human resources, retail management, consulting, small business operations, public affairs, government relations

Research interests: identity theory, composition, gender identity and performance, feminist theory, masculinity studies, critical cultural analysis, business and professional communications, corporate ethics and ethics theory

Teaching experience:

  • ENGL 111
  • ENGL 211: Rhetoric of Contemporary Identity Politics
  • ENGL 203
  • ENGL 218
  • ENGL 318

Courses commonly taught: 

  • ENGL 111
  • ENGL 203

Teaching goals/philosophy: My aim in teaching has been to encourage and foster in my students a critical awareness of context and subjectivity at large, focusing on topics and utilizing multimodal methods that are relevant to their own immediate contexts. Taking much of my pedagogical approach from the recent work of Jonathan Alexander, I have attempted to organize my writing courses around issues of identity and gender with the aim of “inviting students to consider and assess gender roles, social norms, and the intersections between [these issues] and politics,” while encouraging them to interrogate how identities “[come] to be defined in relation to biology, cultural norms, social roles, and even political assumptions” about the way individuals are categorized and ‘organized’.* While composition pedagogy focuses on methodology that better prepares students to write effectively across and within disciplines and discourses (dominant or otherwise), I’m interested primarily in the ways in which composition pedagogy and the first-year composition course contribute to shaping student identity, and how writing as a process of invention, expression, and self-reflection are connected to that shaping of student identity.

*see Alexander, Jonathan. “Transgender Rhetorics: (Re)Composing Narratives of the Gendered Body.” College Composition and Communication 57.1 (2005): 45-82. 

Contact: malarid@nmsu.edu or https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikebarrio

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