Naima Woods, Puerto del Sol Associate Editor

Degree in progress: M.F.A. in Creative Writing, Poetryphoto_naima woods

Research interests: exploring the body within lyric poetry, feminist/queer theory and rhetoric, queering love poems, finding new entries into the confessional genre, multi-modal work

Teaching goals/philosophy: For me, teaching is less about presenting myself as an expert, and more about my role as a facilitator in the classroom. It’s important that students feel that their voices are valued, and that they are being afforded enough space to question, enter into discussion, and develop their own critical voices without judgement. My voice, while perhaps the most informed, is not the most important. Fostering a space where students feel confident in their ideas and their work is a key in encouraging students to share with each other, which I believe is the cornerstone for a healthy classroom atmosphere and a successful learning experience.


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