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Call for Submissions- DiN Magazine

DiN Magazine is seeking your work for its 2022 online issue!
DEADLINE: MARCH 17, 2022 at midnight!


Students in ENGL 430: Online Publishing are looking forward to returning from Spring Break and diving into the “slush pile” to build DiN Magazine, an online undergraduate literary journal curated by the class. Students have been assigned to genre-specific editorial boards (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and arts & media) to develop special micro-zine features that will compliment the DiN Blog, which publishes work from the archives, artist spotlights, and writing produced by the students in class. These micro-zines will be published by the end of the semester, and each editorial board is actively seeking work tied to a theme selected by the students. The deadline for submission is March 17 at midnight. Please find each editorial board’s call for submissions below.



We at DiN seek poetry that embodies a diverse spirit of chaos. Describe to us chaotic memories, stories, people; whatever chaos means to you, weave it into your piece! We want your experiences and definitions of chaos in all its varying forms. Poems of all styles and genres and lengths will be considered. Stray from the norm; it's completely up to you. Please send up to 5 poems that capture chaos.



“The place where light and darkness begin to touch is where miracles arise.” 

-Robert A. Johnson, American Author  


It is an undeniable fact that these past few years have been hard on everyone. With the pandemic in mind, there is no better time for us to appreciate the interplay of both darkness and light within the world. DiN is seeking submissions of essays, memoirs, and narratives that share your experiences of darkness and light—either solely darkness, solely light, or a combination of the two. However you choose to interpret this theme is entirely up to you, but we are seeking submissions no more than 3,000 words in length. Larger submissions may be sent in, but they will receive less consideration. Furthermore, we will review previously published pieces, but are seeking new material. Lastly, if you feel that anything within your work may be triggering to others, please include a warning alongside your submission. Files must be either .doc, .docx, or .pdf. 



The bonds we share with others are vital to living a happy, healthy life. This is something we may have taken for granted in the past, but, through lockdowns, quarantines, and learning how to live life normally again, we have found that human connection is our lifeline.


NMSU’s DiN Magazine is currently accepting prose fiction submissions for the 2022 issue. This year’s theme is connection; whether it be lost connections, missed connections, unexpected connections, or any other type of connection. Submissions should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words or 6-10 pages. Writers of all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and abilities are encouraged to submit, and all submissions will be fairly reviewed before being selected. We look forward to reading all of your stories, no matter the sub-genre. This is a great opportunity for fellow writers at NMSU to get published! Please reach out if there are any questions.


Arts & Media:

There are times we feel alone. These last few years have proven challenging, isolating. However, it is in these times that self reflection and passion can come from strength we didn't know we had. We want to see what that strength and passion produced. We may not all have the ability to put into words the isolation we went through, but maybe we can or did capture a moment in time: photos, songs, recordings, letters, illustrations, murals plastered on the apartment wall we were tired of looking at during the pandemic; we want it all. We want to see how you have continued to thrive in the face of isolation.


DiN Magazine is a publication dedicated to highlighting a wide range of artists from different cultural backgrounds. We aim to tell a cohesive story through the lenses of unique, artistic perspectives. We know that the shared experiences of the last few years can be represented through the power of art. There is no limit to types of artwork we will consider for publication, and no experience is needed. We invite you to submit your best work!


All submissions should be sent to dinmagazineblog@gmail.com by March 17 at Midnight.


QUESTIONS? Contact dinmagazineblog@gmail.com