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English Department Welcomes New Faculty

Dr. Suban Nur Cooley joins New Mexico State University (NMSU) as an Assistant Professor in the English department this fall. She received her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Writing in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Culture at Michigan State University. Her dissertation “Carrying Culture: Temporal and Spatial Construction of Somalia among Women in the Diaspora” won the 2021 CCCC James Berlin Memorial Outstanding Dissertation Award. Her research looks at the intersection of culture, digital, global, and local, and how these intersections help shape us individually and the larger communities we find ourselves in. She is currently working on a multi-genre narrative style that will help make her academic project accessible and an educational tool for participation and viewing by the public.
Prior to joining NMSU, Dr. Suban served as an Assistant Professor of English and Women’s and Gender studies at Ball State University. She has also worked as a writing, user experience, and communication professional for many organizations. Dr. Suban is teaching in the Rhetoric and Professional Communication (RPC) program and will be teaching a section of  ENGL 2210 (Technical and Professional Communication) and ENGL 431/531 (Technical Editing) this fall. Whenever she is not teaching and researching, she loves to hike, travel, and listen to music. Whenever you see Dr. Suban around, please give her a warm welcome.
Soo Dhawoow to NMSU! Dr. Suban.