English Undergraduate Student Organization

The English Undergraduate Student Organization (EUSO) is a place to meet, exchange ideas, gain information and friends, and participate in events such as book swaps, craft talks, readings, game nights, social hours and more. Our organization provides a fantastic way to meet other English majors, though you don’t have to be one to join. It provides a way to get involved on campus by participating in community service and student government. We host a faculty lecture series, writing workshops (both academic and creative), and guest speakers. We also help prepare our members for presenting academic and creative works at conferences, and we do what we can to help and encourage our members to hone their particular craft and do work in their field(s) of interest.

photo_EUSO membersGroup Mission

  1. To provide a forum to address the common interests of English undergraduate students and their faculty.
  2. To foster communication among undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty.
  3. To encourage academic excellence through forums, colloquiums, undergraduate readings, etc.
  4. To encourage growth within the department.
  5. To explore and encourage growth of financial resources available to undergraduate students.
  6. To promote communication within the university, the community, and other universities.

For more information about EUSO, visit their website at nmsueuso.weebly.com