Ryan Sparks

photo_ryan sparksDegree in progress: M.A. in English, Literature

Research interests: Modern and Postmodern literature, late American literature, historiographic metafiction, hyperreality, the metanarrative, simulation, media, Imagism, questions of the human condition

Teaching goals/philosophy: Using modeling, whole and small group discussion, critical reflection, and individual tutoring, my instruction attempts to foster student independence. Working with students to construct meaning within the classroom, I hope for my students to draw from their personal experiences in a way that inspires rhetorical and critical thinking as well as creativity. Every student should see themselves as part of a larger writing community, working together to better understand writing as a process. Due to the truth that reading and writing are inseparable, we will also be reading from various canonical and non-canonical texts to encourage personal growth.

Contact: rpsparks@nmsu.edu

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