Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants (GAs) are recommended by the English Department faculty and awarded positions by the Graduate School. They teach general education English courses, such as ENGL 1110G, 2210G, 2215G, 2130G, and 2221G; however, some GAs occasionally teach upper-level undergraduate courses. GAs also can serve in various departmental capacities, including Creative Research Center Coordinators, La Sociedad/WITS Coordinators, Puerto del Sol Editors, Writing Center Coordinators, and Writing Program Coordinators.

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List of Graduate Assistants




Akram Zahid, Qurrat Al Ain

Ansell-Pearson, Richard Adebayo, Damilola
Asante, Emmanuel Bass, Camdyn Akorli, Ernestina
Boateng, Lydia Benson, Karissa Cramer, Christian
Chataut, Lata Coleman, Anna Emmanuel, Abiola
Colvin, Dylan Griego, Maxwell Erazo, Mariana
Enger, Gus Hehir, Maura Mohammed, Nafisa
Feroni, Ryan KeyTello, Katherine Mordi, Ifeanyi
Mohammed, Rabiatu Martin, Kylie Nataraj, Sangamithra
Phalaagae, Kelebogile Page, Allison Nyarko, Gideon
Palomino, Norma Parker, Madelyn Nyatuame, Isaac Newton
Sehnal, Tyler Silva, Gabriel Oduro, Sandra
Snider, Anna Shaughnessy, Mikayla