Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants (GAs) are recommended by the English Department faculty and awarded positions by the Graduate School. They teach general education English courses, such as ENGL 1110G, 2210G, 2215G, 2130G, and 2221G; however, some GAs occasionally teach upper-level undergraduate courses. GAs also can serve in various departmental capacities, including Design Center Coordinators, La Sociedad/WITS Coordinators, Puerto del Sol Editors, Writing Center Coordinators, and Writing Program Coordinators.

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Beckson, Mavis Cousler, Steven Anabire, Dorcas
Colvin, Dylan Cowley, Aubrey Asante, Emmanuel
Mohammed, Rabiatu Fedorchak, Taylor Buerdsell, Sherri
Zouaoui, Akram Gabriel, Anthony Camp, Terri
Holden, Haley Contreras, Yvonne
Inman, Shane Corman, Karly
Navarro, Laura Gonzalez Lavin, Luis
Patty, Hampton Hayner, Lillian
Perry, Steven Philip Inusah, Fatiatu
Plair, Antoinette Nowotenski, Danielle
Rogel, Isaias Pacheco, Kimberly
Rother, Susan Pettit, Connor
Ruiz del Sol, Alejandro Phalaagae, Kelebogile
Rutens, Andrew
Streander, Natalie
Suther, Tonya
Toor, Pardeep
Tort, Aksian
Valdez, Chad