In addition to their commitment to teaching, our faculty members have national reputations as scholars in their fields of specialization, which include literature, creative writing, rhetoric, and technical and professional communication among others. The English Department atmosphere is friendly and welcoming to students of all levels.

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Banazek, Kerry  Assistant Professor Rhetoric, Writing Studies, Visual Cultural Studies, Cultural Geography, Science and Technology Studies, Design History, and the Philosophy of Media
Bradburd, Rus Associate Professor Creative Writing; Fiction and Nonfiction
Brown, Marieka College Associate Professor English as a Second Language (ESL) writing
Burnham, Christopher Regents Professor
Composition Pedagogy; Rhetorical Theory; Writing Across the Curriculum; Writing Program Administration; Creative Non-fiction; Literature
Conley, Rose Assistant Professor Composition; Women Writers
Cull, Ryan Associate Professor

Undergraduate Studies Director
American Literature; poetry
Garay, R. Joyce Zamora Lausch Associate Professor Latina/o and African American Literature
Greenfield, Richard Associate Professor

Puerto del Sol Director
Creative Writing; Poetry
Hastings, Nancy  College Assistant Professor Business and Professional Communication; Technical and Scientific Communication
Hobson, Brandon Assistant Professor Creative Writing and Fiction
Lanier, Clint Assistant Professor Rhetoric and Professional Communication, Technical Communication
Lawrence, Gina College Assistant Professor Writing Centers, Rhetoric and Composition, Intersectional Feminist Pedagogies, Student Resistance, and Social Justice
Linkin, Harriet Distinguished Achievement Professor
British Romantic and Gothic literature; Women Writers; Gender and Language
Miller-Tomlinson, Tracey

Associate Professor

Graduate Studies Director

English Renaissance Literature; Shakespeare; Historical Drama
Murrell, Cindy College Professor
Rhetoric and Composition; Science Fiction; Children’s Literature
Poole, Alice College Associate Professor English to Speakers of Other Languages, Writing
Rourke, Brian Associate Professor Modern British Literature; Postcolonial Literature and Theory; Critical Theory; Socio-Historical Approaches to Culture; Film
Schirmer, Elizabeth Associate Professor
Interim Department Head
Late Medieval and Early Modern English literature
Sharp-Hoskins, Kellie Associate Professor Rhetorical Theory; Feminist Theory; Composition Theory; Pedagogical Theory; Studies in Subjectivity, Performativity, and Emotion
Stolte, Tyson Associate Professor Victorian Literature and Culture; 19th Century Psychology; History of Science/Science and Literature; History of the Novel
Thatcher, Barry Professor Technical and Professional Communication; Spanish-English Writing; Border Rhetorics; ESL Writing
Tremblay, Jean-Thomas Assistant Professor 20th- and 21st-Century North American Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Film, and Television; Autobiography; the Avant-gardes; Minoritarian Aesthetics; Feminist, Queer, and Trans Politics, Theory, and Aesthetics; Embodiment; Ecology and the Environment; and French Continental Philosophy.
Voisine, Connie

Associate Professor

La Sociedad/Writers in the Schools (WITS) Director Director of the Creative Writing Program

Creative Writing; Poetry; Form and Technique of Poetry
Wells, Justine

Assistant Professor

Internship Program Coordinator

Affect Theory; (new) Materialism; Histories of Rhetoric, Philosophy, and Ethics
Wojahn, Patricia


Borderlands Writing Project Director

Technical, Scientific, and Professional Communication; Technology and Communication; Document Planning and Testing; Usability; Small Group Communication and Collaboration; Writing in the Disciplines