B.A. Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts in English: Emphasis in Creative Writing

English majors with an emphasis in Creative Writing have many opportunities to develop as writers and to be a part of the larger community of creatives at NMSU. Students can receive support through the English Undergraduate Student Organization (EUSO) (https://english.nmsu.edu/organizations/english-undergraduate-student-organization.html), a student club that produces the literary magazine The Crimson Thread. Students attend poetry and fiction readings organized by the department’s La Sociedad para las Artes, and have internship opportunities with publishing and nonprofit management. 

In addition to meeting the English basic skills requirement, undergraduate students majoring in Creative Writing must complete 42 credits in English beyond ENGL 111G: Rhetoric and Composition and satisfy the following seven requirements.

1.) Nine credits from the following 3-credit hour courses:

ENGL 243: The Bible as Literature*
ENGL251: Survey of American Literature I
ENGL252: Survey of American Literature II
ENGL 261: Masterpieces of Western European Literature, Beginnings to the Renaissance*
ENGL 262: Masterpieces of Western European Literature, Post-Renaissance to Modern
ENGL 263: History of Argument
ENGL 271: English Literature I*
ENGL 272: English Literature II*
*Students may make one or two of the following substitutions: HON 229G for ENGL 243; HON 220G, 234G, or 239G for ENGL 261; HON 220G, 231G, 234G, or 239G for ENGL 271; HON 231G for ENGL 272.

2.) Three credits of ENGL 310: Critical Writing

3.) Three credits from one of the following 3-credit hours courses:

ENGL 301: Theory and Criticism: Rhetoric and Culture
ENGL 302: Theory and Criticism: Literature and Culture
ENGL 303: Theory and Criticism: Film, Media, and Culture
Note: These 18 credits (including ENGL 111) should be completed before the student enrolls in 400-level courses.

4.) Six credits in Creative Writing workshops (minimum of two different courses):

ENGL 304: Creative Writing: Prose
ENGL 306: Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL 307: Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 308: Creative Writing: Playwriting
ENGL 309: Screenwriting I

5.) Six to nine credits in advanced Creative Writing Workshops:

ENGL 413: Advanced Creative Writing, Prose
ENGL 414: Advanced Creative Writing, Poetry
ENGL 415: Advanced Creative Writing, Playwriting
ENGL 480: Screenwriting II

6.) Six credits of the following courses:

ENGL 354: Form and Technique in Fiction
ENGL 356: Form and Technique in Poetry:
ENGL 358: Form and Technique in Playwriting

7.) Nine additional credits from English courses numbered 300-499