About The Writing Program

Writing Program Instructors Resource Site (via Canvas)

Clara Belle Williams Hall

Writing Program Administrator: Dr. Kellie Sharp-Hoskins

Writing Program Associate Director: Dr. Eric House

Writing Program Coordinators (AY 22-23): Mavis Beckson (RPC), Melissa Espinoza (Lit), Rabiatu Mohammed (RPC), Joshua Tise (CW)

About the Writing Program

The Writing Program at NMSU is built on the premise that all students are writers. We believe that students can become stronger, more capable writers with varied opportunities for composing and revising their work. We view writing as a practice that is ongoing during a student’s academic career and life. Writing in the university provides students with occasions to write in response to many situations and contexts, from learning to understand the purposes and audiences for the texts one produces in a first-year class (English 1110), to developing particular approaches and responses to disciplinary conventions and genres (2000-level general education courses), to writing within various majors for academic or research purposes, and beyond. Thus, our Writing Program aims to support all students as writers developing their craft. Our teachers are writers themselves. We believe that the best teachers—in any discipline—are reflexive: They continuously reflect on their beliefs and practices and revise them with new ideas and theories. In the Writing Program, we are invested in sharing our ideas and theories—about teaching and learning, reading and writing, students and teachers—to help promote reflexive teaching. We model this, in part, to encourage reflexive writing from students as well as teachers. We expect that students will reflect and analyze their own writing as they work toward increasingly complex rhetorical challenges. For questions about the Writing Program related to placement, curriculum, policies, pedagogy, and resources, contact Writing Program Administrator Dr. Sharp-Hoskins at kcsharp@nmsu.edu.