Kellie Sharp-Hoskins



Kellie Sharp-Hoskins earned her undergraduate degree in English from Brigham Young University (B.A., 2003) before pursuing rhetoric and writing studies at San Diego State University (M.A., 2007). She earned her doctorate in English Studies from Illinois State University in 2012, where she completed a dissertation entitled “What Counts? Who Counts? A Methodology for Leveraging Perspective on the Terministic Management of Language and Bodies.” 

She is an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Communication and the current Writing Program Director of the English Department.

Research Interests:

Her current research is grounded in the concept of rhetorical imagination—how complex webs of narratives and relations manage possibilities for recognition, perspective, representation, and ethics of language and bodies. This focus on rhetorical imagination emerges as Dr. Sharp-Hoskins works at the intersection of a number of theoretical paradigms important within rhetoric and writing studies (feminist rhetorics, cultural theory, social theories of emotion, critical race theories, and social systems theories). She uses such intersections to study rhetorical borders, boundaries, bodies, and debts. 

Works in Progress:

  • “Sticky Terms: The Terministic Management of Students and Teachers in Rhetoric and Composition Studies” (article)
  • Accounting for Rhetorical Debts: Rearticulating Rhetorics of Responsibility (book manuscript) 

Courses Taught:

  • ENGL 218G: Technical and Scientific Communication
  • ENGL 5/610: Proseminar in Rhetoric and Professional Communication
  • ENGL 5/668: Rhetorical and Cultural Studies
  • ENGL 5/690: Master’s Seminar in Rhetoric: Feminist Rhetorics
  • ENGL 571: Composition Pedagogy