Finding an Internship

Students seeking internship opportunities should contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Justine Wells (, who will discuss existing opportunities and help you search for new ones. To expedite the process, be sure to describe your career goals and relevant coursework or experience, and include a resume if you have one. Internships are also regularly advertised on the English student listservs. In addition, it is possible to create an internship position through existing contacts or organizations with which you have been previously affiliated.

To maximize your internship search and find paid internship opportunities well suited to your career goals, students should activate your Handshake account through NMSU at On Handshake you will find local as well as nationally competitive, paid internships, all of which have been reviewed and selected by the Office of Experiential Learning.

Ideally, you should begin your search a couple months prior to the semester you are planning an internship, but students who enroll in ENGL 4/597 are able to begin the search at the beginning of the semester when necessary.

Once you find an opportunity to apply for, the Internship Coordinator is available to help you develop your resume, cover letter, and other materials as well as to offer you feedback as you prepare for the interview process. For additional online feedback, you can submit a resume or cover letter to Career Advising at

Students interested in earning a transcript designation for the completion of their internship can learn about the process for doing so by contacting Dr. Jasiel Perez, the Co-op & Internship Program Coordinator in the Office of Experiential Learning, at or 575-646-4115. Be aware that the transcript designation process must be started in the semester before your planned internship.

Typically, internship placements are unpaid. Occasionally, however, interns may receive compensation. To search for paid internships, be sure to activate your Handshake account through NMSU at