Related Courses

In preparation for their internship, graduate students in any English Department field— rhetoric and professional communication, creative writing, or literature– should choose from the following courses to build a trajectory and gain practice, technique, and theory relevant to a successful internship:

  • ENGL 512: Writing in the Workplace
  • ENGL 520: Workshop: Advanced Composition
  • ENGL 527: Graduate Study in Film and Digital Media
  • ENGL 531: Technical Editing
  • ENGL 536: The Borderlands Writing Project
  • ENGL 562: Interdisciplinary, Client-Based Project Practicum
  • ENGL 566: Online Pedagogy for Writing and Professional Communication
  • ENGL 572: Technical-Professional Communication: Theory and Pedagogy
  • ENGL 578: Document Design
  • ENGL 643: Multimedia Theory and Production
  • ENGL 665: Intercultural Rhetorical and Professional Communication

In preparation for their internship, undergraduate students should have junior or senior standing and have taken ENGL 111 and either ENGL 211 or 218. In addition they should have completed at least two courses related to workplace writing, a wide range of which are offered by the English Department. The following courses provide knowledge and practice with the skills and techniques necessary to a successful internship:

  • ENGL 311G: Advanced Composition
  • ENGL 315: Writing for the Web
  • ENGL 318: Advanced Technical Writing
  • ENGL 412: Writing in the Workplace
  • ENGL 431: Technical Editing
  • ENGL 460: Proposal Writing
  • ENGL 462: Interdisciplinary, Client-Based Project Practicum
  • ENGL 465: Intercultural Professional Communication
  • ENGL 478: Document Design